Since it was founded in 1990, Sepa Proje, which has carried out countless projects, and been making fast progress towards being one of the innovator engineering and consultancy companies in Turkey. Sepa Proje is a big family who is a combination of : civil , mechanical ,environmental, survey and cadastre, geological and agricultural engineers. Our engineers are folloed by our technicians/draftsmen, additional to other administrative personnel. As Sepa, we are aware of the fact that the quantity is not the cause but the result of permanent success. We intend to show our leadership and innovative power through the innovations those we bring into the industry and the quality of the service and expertise we provide. In this respect, Sepa Proje will continue making progress in its sector with its professional staff, accumulation of knowledge and innovative application in the field of civil engineering and consultancy. We feel such excitement and pride being in your presence stronger than we were yesterday. We would like to thank our clinets for their trust and faith those brought us to the point where we stand now. We would like to ensure that our “top priority” is always you..... our customers.

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